Day 7a: First stop, The Grand Canyon

IMG_2484Today was going to be our last day on the road and it felt a little weird. It would be our seventh day driving, but it seemed like an eternity. We had experienced so much in the past week, and it almost felt like we needed another week to digest all the impressions. At the same time, we were looking forward to relaxing poolside at the MGM and experiencing a more luxurious lifestyle in Las Vegas.

After a non-inclusive breakfast, we packed up, checked out and headed back towards the Grand Canyon. We lucked out with the weather; a beautiful, sunny, and warm day. As we were driving towards the South Rim Visitor Center, we suddenly saw a moose calf slowly crossing the road and heading into the forest. How cute! Of course the camera wasn’t ready, but then again, we’d all seen plenty of elk, moose and their calves in Norway.

_MG_0948I love walking down to the rim of the Grand Canyon and I was excited to see Kristin and Tone’s reaction. Literally, it’s like walking into a postcard! Consider these facts: The total size of the canyon is1904 square miles = 4931 square Km; it is 277 miles long = 446 Km; 10-18 mile wide = 16-29 Km (depending on where you measure); and the deepest point is 6000 feet = 1829 meters. All I can say is IMPRESSIVE! It doesn’t matter how many pictures or videos you take, it will not do justice to this enormous canyon. The scenery with colors ranging from sand to earthy red clay with vegetation varying from cacti, bushes to small trees are indescribable. Although I’ve been there once before, it was as mesmerizing as the first time, and it was even better to see my friends’ jaws drop in awe! After hiking in the most touristy area, we were fortunate to be able to drive along the rim in daylight and stop at different places along the ~25 mile road. By the time we left, we felt how strong the sun had been; a reminder to use plenty of suntan lotion in Las Vegas.